René Magritte

I chose this artist because her pictures intrigued me the most out of everyone else’s. I chose this specific picture of hers because I like the message that I see behind the obvious surrealistic picture. The message that I got from this image is about mankind and the way we live our lives. She made […]

How to Photograph Great Portraits

Don’t have to many subjects in one shot. Avoid having to much direct sunlight so that your background is not to bright. Try not to have to many distractions in the background taking away from your original subject. Having texture in the background or near your subject can enhance the detail in your portrait. Adjust […]

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: This mode is the most commonly used because it does everything for you. It automatically corrects your shutter speed, ISO, white balance, aperture, focus, and flash. Portrait Mode: This mode automatically sets your aperture very high which means that it is set at a low number to keep your background out of focus. […]